ACTIVE IN 2015! In September 2013 the Many Moons Choir formed You Yi Zhi Qiao - Crossing The Bridge Inc and is now an independent partner of Many Moons Group Inc. "REFUGEE REALITIES" is still one of Many Moons' major projects; in 2015 we are supporting an Oxfam-Monash-Project by Fia Walker called "Don't Sweat" - an insight into the 'Sweat-Shop' industry.

Welcome to our site

The Many Moons Group Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association of professional artists, working as an arts production company with an independent Board of non-artists and artists not employed on Many Moons projects. The group was formed in October 2007 to facilitate and manage the Many Moons ESL, drama and singing lessons as well as the public performances of the Many Moons Choir and to be an arts production company capable of producing a range of similarly socially worthwhile and artistically meritorious projects.

In September 2013 the choir founded its own not-for-profit community association called

You Yi Zhi Qiao - Crossing The Bridge Inc which maintains a close partnership with Many Moons Group Inc.

You Yi Zhi Qiao - Crossing The Bridge Inc, formerly known as Many Moons Choir, is available for public, corporate and private events - call Wolf: mob 0413 555 630.

The raison d'etre of the Many Moons Group of professional artists, often working in a community context is to:

  1. produce cultural works maximising artistic collaboration in bringing about social, educational, political and artistic improvements in the quality of everyday life; and
  2. engage in artistic, cultural, educational and-political activities of social function and artistic quality

Our Contacts

Mob: 0413 555 630